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  • ELECTION EQUIPMENT MODERNIZATION AND INCREASED ELECTION AUDITS - Although Kansas has some of the strongest election laws in the country, we must ensure county election officials have access to the most modern and secure election equipment available. Increased auditing frequency and capabilities and election observation is crucial to maintaining citizen confidence in our democratic processes. 
  • DEVELOP A STATEWIDE DATABASE OF LOCAL ELECTIONS AND CANDIDATES - From School Boards to Watershed Districts, Kansas has thousands of individual governmental entities with elected officials. With so many different elections it makes it difficult for citizens to keep up on who is running for each office. Development of a statewide database of elections and candidates will help citizens participate in the democratic process throughout our state. 
  • REDUCE WASTE BY INSTITUTING PRINTING ON DEMAND FOR PUBLICATIONS - Every year the Secretary of State’s Office prints thousands of publications through the State Printer. Due to the high cost of print services it is only feasible for the office to conduct one printing of The Kansas Administrative Regulations, The Kansas Session Laws, and The Kansas Statutes Annotated. This results in the over printing of hundreds of volumes of these publications each year. By introducing print on demand, the office will be able to publish the exact number of volumes they will need without the fear of running out if demand is higher than anticipated.
  • CONTINUE PROSECUTION OF ELECTION CRIMES - Since receiving the authority to prosecute election crimes in 2016 the Secretary of State’s Office has convicted 14 individuals with crimes ranging from voting while not being qualified to voting twice in the same election. Deterrence is a central reason to prosecute these crimes and the Secretary of State’s Office has the technical expertise to do so without further burdening our local law enforcement professionals.   
  • REDUCE BUSINESS FILING FEES - Each year the office returns millions of dollars to the State General Fund, but we can do better. As a fee funded agency, the office should set its fees to cover no more than the actual cost of providing a service. Fees should be reduced to reduce that excess. Overcharging businesses to file legislatively mandated forms is a veiled attempt to levy additional taxes on Kansas businesses; I will work to decrease these filing fees.   
  • REPLACE AGING BUSINESS SERVICES IT INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - The Secretary of State’s Business Services Division’s business filing system currently operates on an old IBM greenscreen platform that was originally designed in 1987! Although upgrades have been made over the years, this outdated system becomes increasingly more expensive to maintain each year. The business filing database should be moved onto a modern operating system with increased disaster recovery capabilities. 
  • IMPROVE THE KANSAS BUSINESS CENTER AND BUSINESS FORM FINDER - To increase citizen access to information, Craig led the creation of the Business Form Finder application for the Kansas Business Center. This application allows current and future business owners to search for government requirements applicable to their specific business. This first-of-its-kind application allows business owners to understand government requirements and eliminates the need for individuals to search participating state agencies websites for forms that could apply to their business. Increasing agency participation across state government will further reduce the time and complexity of starting, operating, and growing a business in Kansas.     
  • INTRODUCE EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR NOTARIES - Each year the Secretary of State receives dozens of complaints concerning notaries public who fail to properly perform their duty. Many other states require mandatory education to ensure that legal documents are properly executed. Requiring education will reduce errors that can be very costly to citizens and businesses. By providing accessible, straightforward education to notaries, the Secretary of State will prevent misuse of this legal requirement. 

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